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  • 国籍:USA

     he signed contract with school, then deleted school after school arranged classes for him. We offered him a Full time position with 19000RMB after tax and Z visa. It’s a very professional school. 

    Now school has to rearrange everything and start new recruitment, kids have to wait for new teacher. 

  • 护照:010496752 012018686 国籍:Serbia 所在地:Yiwu

    The two foreign teachers are all from Serbia. The first name is Milena, Passport No. 010496752. It belongs to our company's expatriate foreign teacher. Now he has worked with us for a year in Yiwu, but he is looking for a job everywhere. The lodging visas are free of charge, with the wages of several times higher than their home, and they do not comply with the contract at home.

    The second is referred to as Wiki, Passport No. 012018686, this year 40 years old, nature worse, February to China, just to apply for your visa, deliberately crying in the school, not a good class, then get the school that we our teachers, attack us, almost 2 months of service fee does not give, nor owe us money.

    The two foreign accents were not good, the first one had no experience, and the school's teaching assistants were scolded by her. Second can be, experience, is old, the accent is worse than the first. The school is expected to be hired carefully, not to let them think that China is all the money, and the opening of the opening is ten thousand tens of thousands.

  • 护照:A02400367 国籍:South Africa 所在地:Beijing

    Just signed the contract, all sorts of poor and poor, the school borrowed a lot of money from him. I owe a lot of money to school (a good school), and then the guy is still there to find a job.

    I hope all the colleagues will meet this person not to introduce their work. In order to avoid the inconvenience of the school.

    In fact, it is a India immigrant, and a black man. The school gave him a visa. It's just a bad foreign teacher who cheats and cheats a visa and does not help school.

  • 护照:455803622 国籍:America

    Insulting Chinese students and teaching assistants

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