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Kindergarten teacher quits job after earning 10 years'...
Author: EnglishTeacher    2023-05-16


A kindergarten teacher from Wuhan reportedly resigned from her school job after she earned 10 years’ worth of her annual salary from a single livestream.

Prior to filming the livestream, the teacher, only identified by her surname Huang, went viral on Douyin. Her videos on the online platform, which typically show her teaching nursery rhymes, have amassed hundreds of thousands to millions of views.


In one of her videos, Huang can be heard singing the Chinese nursery rhyme "Planting Flowers in the Garden." The video has received over 100 million views.

Huang, who has over 4 million followers on Douyin, tried livestreaming after several fans asked her to do so in early May.

To Huang's surprise, many of her viewers immediately flooded her with cash gifts as soon as she started her livestream.

She reportedly earned between 400,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, which was said to be more than 10 years' worth of her annual salary teaching children. According to report, Huang makes around 3,000 yuan a month as a teacher.


“I’m so happy, I livestreamed for a day and earned more than 10 years’ worth of my salary. Thank you, everyone,” she told her viewers.

Huang reportedly resigned from her teaching job so that she can commit to her livestreaming endeavors full-time.

She has signed a contract with a talent management company and earned over 2 million yuan for her first three livestreams.


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