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China kindergarten faces backlash for washing plates in urinal
Author: EnglishTeacher    2023-06-15


A shocking incident has unfolded in a kindergarten located in Jiangxi province, southeastern China, where dishes used by children were found being washed in a urinal trough. 

The distressing video of a staff member squatting down and using a hose to clean the plates at Sunshine Kindergarten went viral after being shared online by a concerned parent, triggering widespread public outrage.


According to a report from The Paper, the video, posted on June 7, caught the attention of local authorities who swiftly responded to the public backlash. The municipal authorities, in collaboration with the education department and the market supervision bureau responsible for food safety and hygiene, launched a joint investigation into the matter.

In an official statement released by the investigation team, it was revealed that the kindergarten has been temporarily closed for an "overhaul" while managers and the staff member shown in the video are being thoroughly investigated. The authorities are taking the matter seriously and have vowed to take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation.

The incident has caused shock and condemnation throughout China, with the video amassing over 50,000 angry comments at the time of writing. Internet users expressed their outrage at the mistreatment of children in educational institutions. One commenter lamented, "The children are so loved by their parents at home but treated like livestock at the kindergarten." Another person demanded severe punishment, stating, "Such a kindergarten should be punished severely and closed forever."


Instances of food-related scandals in schools and universities have been frequently exposed by domestic media in China. In 2021, an Anhui province kindergarten was exposed for feeding children rotten food after several kids suffered from diarrhea, prompting parents to conduct surprise inspections. Similarly, in 2018, another Anhui kindergarten was caught serving spoiled eggs and moldy rice, resulting in children being hospitalized with food poisoning.


In a separate case, a college in southeastern China recently made headlines when a student discovered a mouse head in a dish served at the school's canteen. Management attempted to dismiss the incident, claiming it was a piece of duck neck, but public skepticism prompted the provincial government to launch an investigation.


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