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Kindergarten teacher accused of promoting materialism in kids
Author: EnglishTeacher    2023-06-25


The materialistic values promoted by teachers at a kindergarten in China have sparked an online backlash after a video surfaced, featuring young girls playfully questioning boys about their possessions. 


Filmed in Suining, a city in China's Sichuan province, the video showed girls asking boys if they had flats, cars, and money. The boys responded that their fathers owned all of these things, while the girls jokingly asked what the boys themselves possessed, to which they replied, "I have my dad!" However, some online observers expressed concern, claiming that the video invaded the children's privacy and that they were too young to comprehend the implications of their participation.


The video, shared anonymously by a person claiming to be a teacher, was posted in a class chat group. This individual raised concerns about the language used and the tone of the questions, questioning whether it was appropriate for a kindergarten teacher to film and share such content. They believed that this type of education was misleading for the children. 


Some online commenters argued that the video was created in honor of Father's Day and followed a popular content template. Similar videos allegedly produced by other kindergartens in China have gained popularity online.


In response to the backlash, local authorities stated that they were engaging with the involved kindergarten and committed to conducting a thorough investigation. 

The controversy surrounding the video has gained significant attention, accumulating over 2 billion views under the hashtag "Controversy over kindergarten teacher filming children talking about houses, cars, and money." 


Numerous comments express criticism towards the kindergarten and the teacher. Some individuals even stated that they would swiftly transfer their children to another school if they were enrolled there. Concerns were raised about the potential reinforcement of materialistic values and gender roles, with some questioning whether the girls were being taught to rely on wealthy men while the boys were encouraged to idolize their fathers.


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