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Enjoying meals while working in China

Having a meal whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner is essential to our daily lives. As teachers we work so hard and it is very important to take care of ourselves while we work. It is essential to eat well and rest as it keeps our body refreshed and healthy. This article will share how important home cooked meals are to teachers living and working in China. It was inspired by a WeChat group created by my friend Charlene where we share our daily meals, recipes and any topic related to food. Since living in China and being on my own I’ve become real passionate about cooking as well. Food just makes us happy!


Waiting for dinner at a restaurant

Start your day right with a good breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a big meal but ensure you don’t go to work on an empty stomach. I personally, only eat a big breakfast on the weekends when I have the time to prepare what I need. Otherwise I ensure I grab a boiled egg, steamed buns or noodles and a box of milk from my school’s cafeteria. 


Breakfast prepared by me.

After working for a few hours you definitely need food in the system to keep you going for the rest of the day. Whether you will dine at a restaurant, your school’s cafeteria or have your home cooked meal ensure you eat lunch in the afternoon. During the week I mainly eat the delicious meals prepared by my school. On weekends if I am not dining out with friends I ensure I cook some of my favourite dishes. 


Lunch prepared by Charlene

After a long day at work you definitely need that meal that will take your mind off the day you had especially if it was a rough one. Stop at your favourite restaurant and grab that meal or get in your kitchen and prepare that meal yourself. Put on some music or sit back and watch a nice movie while you enjoy your dinner. I make the best dinners on weekends when I have more time. 


Colleagues and I waiting for dinner.

Feeling of having home cooked meals

Personally, I enjoy cooking my own meals for several reasons;

· I know for sure what I will be eating.

· I can prepare my meals whenever I like. 

· I can add my own Jamaican spices to my meal. 

· My meal is prepared in the comfort of my home. 


Curried rice, chicken and vegetables with a glass of carrot juice

Here are a few point of views from my friends sharing how they feel when they feel about meals in China.  “When it comes to the holidays and long weekends when I have nothing planned, I often would reflect on what I would be doing or eating if I were home. I would get a little disheartened and would go and cook some of my father's special peas soup which he prepares every Saturday, or some other special meal that mommy would prepare on Sundays. This makes me feel right at home while being far away from home...” said, Oshane.


A bowl of peanut porridge by Rashie

 “I eat this almost everyday as it reminds me of home...”Rashie


Nutritious smoothie prepared by Samantha

As Virginia Woolf says "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Home cooked meals are the epitome of survival in China. The sweet aromas of these delicious meals bring back wonderful memories. Memories that were shared with family members and loved ones in the kitchen while I was in Jamaica. Home cooked meals make me feel less home sick and more adjusted to this new environment. They make me think well, love well and sleep well while here in China, stated another teacher, Samantha.  


Delicious egg sandwich prepared by Debra

My heart melt when my friend issued the gift of a cup with my country’s name to me as Christmas gifts, despite not celebrating such holidays. He sourced them, from where? I have no idea, but it certainly moved me. My first Christmas alone! I was already feeling nostalgic and somehow, it gave me “home” to hold on to says, Debra.

 “China allows me to explore my culinary creativity” says Jodi


Ackee and fried plantain for breakfast by Jodi.


Mexican cuisine for dinner on Christmas day with friends

Last week on Christmas day after preparing my own breakfast at home I then went to have lunch with a few of my friends in the afternoon. The restaurant we wanted to have lunch was closed during the time we went. We were so disappointed but decided we would return when they open for dinner. This restaurant we went had Mexican meals which my friends and I really enjoyed. One taco was just not enough for me. I also tried a quesadilla and a chimichanga and they were all well prepared by the handsome Chef. 


As I said before food is very important to our daily lives. Ensure that you eat right and take care of yourself while you live and work in China. Whether it’s home cooked, dining at a restaurant or at your school’s cafeteria make sure you have your meals. It gives you nutrients and strengthens your body which will enhance performance in all aspects of your life. It’s ok to cook at home and save some money. It’s also ok to dine out and have your meals. Most schools will provide breakfast and lunch for free or require you to pay a small subsidy. Wherever your food comes from daily enjoy it!

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