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British teacher claims he beat coronavirus with a hot toddy


Teacher Connor Reed said he thought he was going to die but beat the virus with old fashioned remedies 

The first Briton known to have caught coronavirus claimed he managed to fight off the deadly illness with a hot toddy. 

Wuhan-based teacher, Connor Reed, 25, had been unable to shake off a bad cough and was struggling to breathe when he decided to get checked out at the doctors in December. 

But he was stunned to discover that he didn’t have a simple case of the flu, but was suffering with the fatal virus, which has now killed more than 564 people. 

Although Connor, originally from Llandudno, North Wales, was terrified he was going to die and he refused to take antibiotics and medicine. 


The virus has now killed more than 564 people in China and one in the Philippines


The 25-year-old said he refused to get on an evacuation plane back to the UK


He’s decided to stay in the epicentre of the outbreak, Wuhan city 

The teacher said he’s living ‘proof coronavirus can be beaten’ and has decided to ‘stick it out’ in the epicentre of the outbreak instead of returning to the UK to join others being quarantined on the Wirral. 

He told The Sun: ‘I was stunned when the doctors told me I was suffering from the virus. I thought I was going to die but I managed to beat it. 

‘I used the inhaler which helped control the cough and drank a hot whisky with honey until that ran out. It’s an old fashioned remedy but it seemed to do the trick’. 

Connor, who moved to Wuhan last summer to teach English, said the city has become a ‘ghost town’ with barely any fresh food supplies available in stores. 

He added that there is now little opportunity for residents to properly safeguard themselves, as there is no medicine or face masks available in pharmacies. 


The Briton said he suffered with the virus in December


The 1,000 bed Huoshenshan Hospital has just opened in Wuhan 

‘If you go out without a mask the police will arrest you,’ he added. ‘The authorities are really worried about how to contain this and stop it spreading.’ 

The teacher also claimed the Foreign Office seemed ‘disinterested’ when he informed them he’d been struck with the illness and decided to refuse their offer of a place on an evacuation flight to the UK. 

His comments come as a second wave of British evacuees touched down at RAF Brize Norton at 8pm on Sunday. 

A man in the Philippines became the first person to die this weekend from the virus outside China, where the number of confirmed cases of infection had increased to 28,138.


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