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Brit teacher evacuated from Wuhan goes back to China


A British teacher who was evacuated from coronavirus 'ground zero' in Wuhan has gone back to China - saying he feels safer there than in the UK.

PE teacher Kharn Lambert, 31, is now being held under strict quarantine for the second time in six months. Once out, he hopes to resume his life in Wuhan.


Kharn Lambert is on his way back to Wuhan from Britain


Once out of his hotel quarantine in China, Kharn will resume living in Wuhan

Covid-19 was first detected in Wuhan, China in December, before rapidly spreading across the globe and infecting millions.

Speaking from a hotel in Guangzhou, Southern China, Kharn - originally from Lancaster - said: “I came back because I believe the chances of me getting Covid here are far less than if I stayed in Britain.

“Yes the virus originated here. But the Chinese authorities got on top of it straight away and introduced strict lockdown measures almost immediately to control the spread of the virus and even closed their borders.

“That is why China has been able to get back to some sort of normality much quicker than the rest of the world.

“There has been too much dilly-dallying from the UK government and it has cost far more lives than was necessary. That’s why I am back.”

Mr Lambert said the UK should have closed the borders sooner and introduced tighter lockdowns.

"Why put those evacuated from Wuhan and the cruise ships into quarantine, if you were going to just left every Tom, Dick and Harry enter the country, some coming from the most affected countries at the time? It never made any sense to me," he said.

Kharn was among a group of 83 Brits evacuated from China in January.


He is quarantining in a hotel in Guangzhou

He spent two weeks at Arrowe Park hospital on the Wirral in Birkenhead.

The facility was dubbed “Camp Corona” by those inside because people could order takeaways and spend their time playing pool.

But he says lockdown in China is far stricter.

“In the UK it was more relaxed even though the facility did look more like a prison from the outside," Kharn said.

“We could order things and have things sent to us, we were able to go out into the courtyard for exercise and even interact with others.

“Here in China, it is much more strict, we cannot leave our rooms under any circumstances, well unless the building is burning down. And if we don’t follow the rules we will feel the full force of the law.

"Go walkabouts and you can expect a big fine and being ordered to start isolation from the beginning. So my plan is to get my head down and get through it.”


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