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Teacher earns 2k pesos an hour in China, in Mexico her salary was 6k a month


The professional found a better future for her career thousands of kilometers from her country, now she is a Spanish teacher in a kindergarten.

The story of a Mexican professional who traveled to China in search of better job opportunities has gone viral on TikTok. She, well, revealed that she earns 2 thousand pesos an hour as a Spanish teacher.

That’s right, the young Mexican living in China compared her salary in Mexico, which was 6,000 pesos a month, against the 2,000 pesos, or 600 yuan, that she gets by giving one-hour private classes to children.

The salary obtained in addition to her fixed salary as an English and Spanish teacher in a kindergarten is that several of her students and her parents were interested in private classes for faster progress in the language. 


The teacher earns 2 thousand pesos an hour

The user @lindoloto is the Mexican teacher who decided to share her adventure in Chinese lands, where she emigrated in search of better job opportunities because her ideal job did not arrive in Mexico. 

In Mexico, she has a degree in International Business, but she barely earned 6,000 pesos (about 2,000 RMB) a month. So, she was surprised when she was hired in China as a kindergarten teacher and her salary increased exponentially.

Well, she accumulated more than 2 thousand pesos per hour of private class, a profit that adds to her base salary as a language teacher. and, although the country’s legislation no longer allows her to give private lessons because she is a foreigner, her salary is still much higher than in Mexico. 


In her TikTok account, the now teacher talked with her community of 30,000 followers about her work as a teacher and what her life is like on the other side of the world. 

And it is that, even, she made reference to the fact that she could charge a lot for private classes because the parents had too much financial solvency. And she recognized that her students are very spoiled. 

“I knew that I could charge them well, because it was a family with money. I knew I had to charge well. I did not want to do that job, because they were very spoiled and very annoying children. So I decided to ask for a lot of money and it turns out that they paid me, “she claimed in a video.

Her story has gone viral and her videos narrating her journey to China to become a kindergarten teacher have exceeded 475 thousand views on TikTok. 


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